Training Workshop for Aspiring Citizen Journalists (February 25-March 01, 2019), Deptt. of Media & Communication Studies, Swat University

Media Training and Research Center (MTRC) conducted a 5-day training workshop for 12 aspiring citizen journalists (February 25-March 01, 2019), including females, at the Department of Media & Communication Studies, Swat University. The participants comprised students and fresh graduates from various faculties and socially engaged citizens.

The training will enhance the technical and multimedia skills of the participants in blogging, writing / reporting online and using social media for the purpose.The capacity building activity will enhance the skills of the trainees to write about society and community issues in their broadcasted/ published journalistic products. Mentoring of citizen journalists selected from the training will be done to improve their journalistic products while doing stories on various platforms.

The activity was undertaken with the collaboration of DW Academy and the Department of Media & Communication Studies, Swat University: