Six Days Radio Training Workshop

Media House Islamabad organized a Radio training program for the journalists of FATA & KP. This training is being held at media house Islamabad from Sep 23 to Sep 28. This project is to build up the professional capacity of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA journalists and to hold training workshops for journalists with German-Federal Foreign office Cooperation.

• The main objective of the training is to equip the journalists from KP and FATA with the required skills in radio journalism, to improve the quality of information, to help increase access to information in conflict stricken areas and to enable the journalists to play effective role in peace-building in the region.
• To help them improve and maximize their potential and enable them to follow modern journalistic skills in electronic media especially in radio journalism.
• To involve journalists in practical exercises based on editing in Adobe audition and audio editing and mixing.
• To help journalists be the tool and vehicle of change.
• To help them appreciate and understand the value of journalism and journalists in the conflict-ridden zones.
• To enable them to work in a hostile environment in a professional manner without compromising on quality journalism and their life.

To understand the threshold level of the participants; to build their capacity how to visualize ideas and to prepare them for the electronic media reporting, the first day was spared for the conceptualization of idea. A brief formal introduction of all participants and trainer was done. Norms and rules for the classroom sessions were established to focus on the learning and participants were asked to share their expectations from the training. Participants were engaged to focus on the multidimentional aspects of any topic for reporting.

On third day participants carried on their report preparation activity and presented these reports for feedback. For the preparation of news report, they were introduced with the Adobe Audition software to learn editing, multitrate and audio mixing. A guest lecture by Mr. M. Awais Malik – Senior Producer Radio City FM 89.0 was delivered to the participants.

On day five, participants carried on their package preparation activity and script writing techniques and learnt interviewing techniques, soundbites, editing for packages preparation. A guest lecture was delivered by Mr. Muhammad Fayyaz Baloch – Controller Home Service PBC delivered to the participants.

The second day focused on capacity building exercises of the mixed groups and they were taught news style, actuality, clarity of news and balance. The focus was majorly on news report formation. Two groups were formed with each comprising 6 participants to carry out different group activities and to learn how to use recorder. Participants worked on topics like Women Enterprenuership, Women Harassment in Public Places, Natural Disaster, Women Education and Skin Diseases for reporting.

On the fourth day they were assigned a new group activity to prepare a news package so they can practice learnt concepts. The trainer asked to choose any burning issue of the society to prepare a news package.

On the Sixth Day, participants presented their packages to the instructor and Media House Audience for feedback. Participants training Evaluation session was carried out. After the evaluation session, the chief guest awarded certificates to the trainees.

Guest Lecture

Guest Lecture

Mr. M. Awais Malik, Senior Producer – Radio City FM 89.0 shared his professional experience with trainees. He also discussed about the scheduling techniques to make a radio show successful. He discussed the techniques to make transition between music and chit chat in a radio show. He answered different questions asked by the participants including commercialization in radio, ethics for an RJ in radio show, duration of a documentary and report, pitch and tone for radio, production techniques to make a radio show more interesting, etc. He also shared latest technology in the market including mic, recorders, headphones etc that might help a reporter complete his/her task efficiently.

Mr. M. Fayyaz Baloch - Controller Home Services Pakistan Broadcating Corporation (PBC) came along with Sheraz Niazi – Producer Programs PBC and delivered lecture to the participants. During the discussion he shared his professional experiences with the participants and what challenges reporter/journalists face. He shared the basic principles for an RJ and tips and tricks to prepare a good report. He suggested the participants to reduce chain of command in reporting if they face difficulty in SOTs collection from a particular department. He also shared the drama production trends and techniques with the participants during his lecture.